Please note: Only humble donators can have access to Ticket Support.

Here is short and comprehensive tutorial on how to properly form a ticket:


I.  Navigate to Submit/View Ticket .

II. Enter your unique credentials provided in Welcome email.

III. Click “Open New Ticket” button to create new ticket.

What must be present there if it’s new ticket:

  • Download and run ChatNoir Info application. It’s simple exe file that will automatically generate all required system information for effective issue resolution. Copy and paste all information from popped out txt file to Your Message Section.
  • Installation Method (either manual, automatic, or otherwise).
  • Add a link to your last brand driver provided by your laptop manufacturer.
  • Which videocard mode you currently have enabled (Fixed or Dynamic).
  • Describe your issue.

Here is a how typical ticket should look like:


IV. Hit “Create Ticket“.

Thats it!

Afterward you should receive mail at specified by you email with ticket number and you will be able to check it’s progress at “Check Ticket Status” tab at Submit/View Ticket.

Please note:

Please continue discussing current issue/s and the possibly future one’s in same ticket.

In this way it would be easy to maintain history of your questions and keep all necessary information for us in one place to help us to resolve problems as soon as possible.

Thank you.