UnifL Driver Installation Instructions

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Here is how driver structure in UnifL case looks like:




To help you with installation, "UnifL Installation Assistant" (UIA) was developed that will run Intel and AMD installers one by one automatically.


If you don't want to use UIA, here are the steps how to install drivers manually:


1. Navigate to Intel folder ,then to respective unpacked version.

2. Run Intel's "setup.exe".

3. Follow on-screen instructions.


4. Reboot.


5. Navigate to AMD folder, then to respective unpacked version.

6. Run AMD's "setup.exe".

7. Follow on-screen instructions.


8. Reboot even if not prompted.


9. Enjoy!


GPlease note:


In rare cases installation order should be reverted: AMD driver should be installed first. Then Intel Driver.


In such case, you should perform installation manually, As UIA is designed to start with Intel Driver installation first.