UnifL Brightness Resolver

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brightness_resolver Menu:


UnifL Brightness Resolver or UBR is designed to hopefully help you to fix/restore:


1.  "Brightness control"

2.  "Wakeup black screen"

3.  "Switchable Capability"


if options above are not operating properly after UnifL installation.


Batch will import selected "FeatureTestControl" value to your registry and after that you should perform Mandatory Reboot in order to set new settings in effect.


Here is how menu looks for Windows 7:




Here is how menu looks for Windows 8/8.1:




From First look it might seem to be complicated, but its not ^_^.


All you need to do is to select desired value from available options or setup custom one, then reboot.

Check if Brightness/Wakeup/Switching are working properly afterwards.


But where to find the *proper* "FeatureTestControl" value?


Option I : Check UBR Public database.


Option II: get it from Official driver package from manufacturer:

(based on based on HP driver)


Lets pretend you have a wrong (means not optimal) FTC:




Time to find right FTC!


Hit start button and type "Device Manager", then launch it:




After that, expand "Display Adapters" menu and locate Intel graphic card, right click on it and hit "Properties" button.

You should get following picture:




Then navigate to "Details" tab and then in "Property" menu locate "Hardware Ids":




The DEV and SUBSYS values is the thing you need: DEV_0116&SUBSYS_159B103C .


1. Download latest official driver for your model from your manufacturer for required Windows version.




2. Extract driver to any location, for example C:\Driver:




3. Navigate to C:\Driver\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF:



Open CXXXXXX.inf config file with your favorite text processor. Mine is Notepad++.


GPlease note:


C7XXXXXX.inf stands for Windows 7 and C8XXXXXX.inf - for Windows 8.


Usually FTC differs between Windows versions so its important to select proper *.inf  file depending which Windows version you are planning to use.


4. Now search for DEV_0116&SUBSYS_159B103C string:




As you can see, its using iSNBM1ML_PROXY instructions.


Next step is to find [iSNBM1ML_PROXY]:




The required object is PwrCons_SNB_AddSwSettings. Lets find [PwrCons_SNB_AddSwSettings]:




Voilà! F840 is required FTC value which is associated with your Intel card according to your last driver from manufacturer.


All you left to do its to apply this value in UBR.


Or select from predefined or insert it manually via respective menu):




Reboot to set changes in effect and see the changes in UBR:




Thats it!


Also, in similar manner you can find your FTC value in Intel Driver inf file provided by manufacturer (not from Intel official site).


GPlease note:


If you found correct FTC value for your laptop - don't hesitate to share your finding with community - please fill up this form.


You can save lots of nerves for some people for sure and it will cost you just few minutes of your free time.


Thats it!


Happy UnifL driver usage!