General Overview

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Currently all tools are represented as simple batch scenarios.


Those tools may come and go, evolve and merge with each other, so please always check UnifL changelog which is provided with UnifL package.


Lets have a quick walk through on currently available tools:




I. unifl_tools_1


This menu contains following tools:

1. SubInACL Menu.

2. Overdrive Enabler.

3. ChatNoir's Information Tool.


Here how it looks like when you launch it:




Lets have a short walkthrough regarding each menu:


1. SubInACL:


Here is how it's menu looks like:




This is very powerful command line tool that comes directly from Microsoft.


You can read more about this tool here.


Main purpose of this tool in UnifL package is to help to resolve generic issues such as:


1. Inability to install any video drivers at all, no matter if Official / OEM or UnifL due corrupted registry and file permissions.

2. Non working CCC (Catalyst Control Center) issue.



2. Overdrive Enabler:


What is AMD OverDrive?


The AMD OverDrive gives you control of clocks speed and fans of your AMD videocard.


Here how it looks like:




This simple batch will help to activate AMD Overdrive menu in CCC (Catalyst Control Center) with the help of MSI Afterburner Overclocking Application.


Ironic, isn't it?



1. Installed MSI Afterburner

2. Installed UnifL Driver.


If you wont install MSI Afterburner first, you will get following message:




GPlease note:


`OverDrive` functioning might be limited by vendor BIOS locks and even might never appear.

`OverDrive` might not function while running on `Dynamic Mode`.


3. Chatnoir's Information Tool:


This is fast Non-GUI application created by ChatNoir user to gather vital data regarding your laptop.


ChatNoir Information Tool will generate all required information for ticket creation in one click such as:

-Graphic Adapters present

-Catalyst Driver Version

-Graphic Adapters system IDs

-Processor, Notebook and BIOS information

-Operating System


Here is its typical output:




II. brightness_resolver


This Menu is extensively described at UnifL Brightness Resolver section.


III. unifl_tools_ir


Issue Resolver is mainly designed to resolve various issues, such as "Driver Stopped Responding" or BSOD because of video driver issue, Aero lag, Playback fixes.


Here how its menu looks like:




Most of those menus are self-explanatory and all of them have a description inside.


Below the tricky ones are explained.


Alter AMD Driver:


This option will overwrite some dll's to its more stable variants. This option should be executed in "Safe Mode".


Obviously, UnifL driver has to be installed first.


GPlease note:


On newer models like Ivy Bridge hypothetically might result improper driver functioning.


Change TDRLevel:


TDR - Timeout Detection and Recovery setting.


This option will modify Windows Registry to prevent system to reload driver preliminary if it is too busy to respond.


You can gain more information here. Please point your attention on "Graphics software vendors:" paragraph at the link.


There are 2 options available:




Change TDR level to 0:


TdrLevelOff (0). – Detection disabled. Means whatever happens with driver system will not interfere.


Change TDR level to 3/7:


TdrLevelRecover(3) – Recover on timeout. Means that it will wait xx seconds before reloading driver. "7" stands for 7 seconds.



As a sum-up:


Both Alteration and TDR are desinged to resolve BSOD or "Driver stopped Responding" in 3D applications such as `Battlefield 3` or `Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3`.


Unfortunately there is no way to determine for sure which option is better, you should try first one, than another. You can even mix them for best results.


Sony VAIO Video Playback Patch:


Here how its menu looks like:




This patch came directly from Sony Dungeons ^_^ .

Big thanks to "Tommy King" who kindly provided a link to it.


Official Description:

AMD MRHD Graphics driver patch which will allow movie playback on hybrid AMD Sony VAIO computers


That means that you can hopefully watch videos with hardware acceleration w/o Green Screen on AMD GPU.


IV. unifl_tools_man


Clicking on it will open this manual :3 .


The std button will place standalone chm manual to your desktop.



V. credits


Shows UnifL package revision and time of build.

Also, it shows all the people that influenced and help UnifL project for all this time so it could become what it is right now.

Once again, thanks guys, i doubt i could make it without you!


VI. donate


Probably the most important button of all. This one keeps Server & domain running, further site developing happening as well as encouraging further UnifL driver development.

Continuous Night and Day change too :3.


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