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Following steps are applicable for Windows 7 (Look for respective menus in 8.1/10).


Note: Windows 10 steps can be found here.


This topic will cover following themes:


Why it is important to forbid Windows to auto-update drivers.

"Secure Boot" option.


I. Why it is important to forbid Windows to auto-update drivers:


Sometimes, even if UnifL drivers are installed, Windows will ask (or may never ask, depends on settings) to Install/Update AMD/Intel drivers.


If you do, with high probability you will break UnifL as such update will overwrite existing driver configuration with its own that usually is designed for singe cards.


In order to forbid Windows to auto-install drivers perform following:


1. Click on start button and type "Change device installation settings", click on it:




2. Set up as show on picture:





That's it!


II. "Secure Boot" Option:


GPlease note:


New laptops come with so called "Secure Boot" Option enabled in BIOS.

It has the potential to interfere installation of UnifL drivers, so it is advised to keep it off.


You can now proceed with Configuring and Installing UnifL drivers.


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