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What is UnifL?


UnifL stands for `Unified Leshcat Drivers`.


Those drivers are based on latest AMD + Intel Drivers and aimed to support laptops (and Desktops too) powered with:


• AMD 5xxx/6xxx/7xxx/8xxx/Rxxx Series


• Intel HD/HD2000/HD2500/HD3000/HD4000/Iris/Haswell/Broadwell CPU Embedded Graphics


UnifL drivers are designed and tested on x64 versions of Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10,

however it should work on Server Editions (i.e: Windows Server 2008) as well.


Main advantages:


Always Up-To-Date Drivers.

No dependency from your official notebook manufacturer.

Can be installed on clean system i.e. “from scratch” without problems.

Signed with private certificate, you won’t have to modify system settings i.e.: Put Windows in Test Mode

  (Unless specified otherwise).

Detailed manual, which covers all you need to know about Leshcat’s driver sets, forums and ticket support.


Please ensure you've read all manual pages in order to get maximum efficiency from UnifL drivers.


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