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Unified Leshcat AMD Driver Manual Changelog


v1.5.2 11.01.2016


Removed obsolete information.

Updated "Advanced Options" tab.


v1.5.1 12.08.2015


Added "Note for Windows 10 users" topic to help properly prepare system before UnifL installation

Small changes in manual structure


v1.5.0 29.05.2014


- Removing Brand/Custom Drivers section updated:

Replaced Driver Fusion with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) instructions.

Extended uninstallation procedure with Intel uninstallation procedures.

- Rewritten UnifL Brightness Resolver page to match current state.


v1.4.1 26.04.2014


- FAQ & Troubleshooting section updated - SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED workaround on Win7.


v1.4.0 12.04.2014


- Removed unnecessary/obsolete parts of manual.

- Added advanced Options tab.

- Cosmetic fixes.


v1.3.3 15.12.2013


- Difference Between Standalone and Hybrid Releases installation explained.

- Autoupdater option explained at "General Overview" of "UnifL Additional Tools" menu.

- Cosmetic Fixes. Added "Windows 8.1" as supported platform at "General Information" menu.

- Made ""Secure Boot" option" more visible at "Preparations" page of "Introduction" menu.


v1.3.2 12.08.2013


- Troubleshooting updated regarding "Random driver crashing on Switchable Graphics".


v1.3.1 09.08.2013


- Cosmetic changes.


v1.3.0 07.08.2013


- New menu UnifL Brightness Resolver is now available.

- Troubleshooting updated regarding "AMD Black Screen after boot up".


v1.2.2 04.08.2013


- Updated DSE removal instructions.

- Troubleshooting updated regarding "AMD Black Screen after boot up".

- DSE Deprecated notes are now removed not to confuse users.

- Cosmetic changes.


v1.2.1 26.04.2013


- Troubleshooting updated regarding "Can't switch Between Cards".

- Updated DSE removal instructions.


 v1.2.0 14.04.2013


- DSE explanation is erased not to confuse new UnifL users. Deprecated parts are now marked.

- Troubleshooting updated regarding "Secure Boot". For people who will use DSE based sets.


  v1.1.0 02.12.2012


- New "Cleanup Instructions" main topic created:

"Removing Previous Brand/Custom Drivers" is now moved to it.

Added "Removing UnifL Installation" topic.

- Updated "UnifL Additional Tools" topic:

New menu and description available in "Issue Resolver" menu:

Sony VAIO Video Playback patch.

- Updates in "FAQ & Troubleshooting" topic regarding CCC troubles.


  v1.0.9 30.11.2012:


- Windows 7/8 warning signs are set where required.

- Merged Site's manual with CHM version to be identical.

- Updated "FAQ & Troubleshooting" topic.

- Updated "UnifL Additional Tools" topic:

 New descriptions available for menus:

Brightness resolver


Updated descriptions for existing menus.

- Minor changes/additions here and there.