User Applications

UBR – UnifL Brightness Resolver

Please check up Manual for what it does.

Download link :

Autor: leshcat

ChatNoir’s Information Tool.


This is fast Non-GUI application created by ChatNoir user to gather vital data regarding your laptop.

ChatNoir Information Tool will generate all required information for ticket creation in one click such as:

-Graphic Adapters present

-Catalyst Driver Version

-Graphic Adapters system IDs

-Processor, Notebook and BIOS information

-Operating System


Double click on application. Text processor will pop-up with output.

Download link :

Autor: chat_noir9

Fix Windows 7 Aero interface lag on AMD PowerExpress 4.0 laptops.


This batch fixes Windows 7 Aero interface lag on AMD PowerExpress 4.0 laptops (Dell Vostro 3×50, Sony VAIO VPC series) by delaying the “Desktop Window Manager” service startup using a scheduled task. Use when you experience Aero choppiness after system startup when the AMD graphics card is active.

Uses Windows built-in task scheduler, “net” command and service control, fully reversible and does not require any 3rd party software.

Tested on Dell Vostro 3450 (Core i7-2620M, Intel GMA 3000 + Radeon 6630M)


Run bat file and follow instructions.


– Updated xml file;

– Added Delay: 5 seconds.

Download link :

Autor: buntilov

Disable PatchGuard/Driver Signing, v3 – 21/01/2012 for Windows 7 (DSE Alternative)

This tool allows you loading of unsigned X64 bit drivers, hooking inside ntoskrnl, process hiding, etc.


*** The following assumes you run Windows with Administrator privileges ***

This means… !! –>> No UAC, no ‘run as Administrator’, or other such non-sense… <<–


1) Extract contents of archive onto your desktop… execute in order:
2) mk_bcdentry.cmd — follow directions on screen;
3) Patcher will start, you must press “Patch” then “Exit” before continue with mk_bcdentry.cmd;
4) Upon reboot menu will present boot option “PatchGuard Disabled v3”.

Potential issues (not neccessary):

1) Antivirus can render false positive issues.

2) Windows Update can reset patch state.

3) Anti-cheating systems (Punkbuster etc) might consider that as violation.

Download link: none. Search in Internet 🙂

Autor: Fyyre

Remove unnecessary Intel parts.


Simple batch that will allow you to disable unnecessary Intel parts such as:

– Desktop context menu (While right clicking on desktop).

– “Graphics and Intel Media” at Control Panel.

– Intel Icon tray.

– Couple of intel useless autostart exe’s:

igfxtray, hkcmd and igfxpers.

You can always invoke Intel CC with GfxUI.exe.


Download and execute exe file. Follow on-screen steps.

More information can be found inside archive (in english and russian).


v2: No autoinstall – user can decide what to remove himself.

v1: Initial Release.

Download link:



Autor: buntilov

Automated MetroUI fix for Fixed Mode.


Simple exe that will automatically restart explorer to fix MetroUI while switching from Intel to AMD card. Windows 8 only.


Unpack exe and bat to desired location and run exe. You can also assign exe to Windows Autostart if you wish.

Download link :

Autor: chat_noir9

Set default CCC behaviour right after Driver Install via reg settings.


Simple reg settings that will allow you to set which mode will be used by Default: Fixed or Dynamic (If originally supported by your laptop).


Install SG driver. Do not reboot when CCC prompts you. Import one of 2 reg files. Reboot.

More information can be found inside archive (in english and russian).

Download link :

Autor: buntilov