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Clueless, and on Windows 7
Hello everyone. First of all, thank you all for your hard work.

Secondly, I admit I'm a bit confused with everything offered by UniFL. I've clean installed Windows 7, and am now wondering what driver is the best for my graphics combination? (7650M/HD4000)

If anyone could just briefly tell me what they all do, what should I expect and look out for, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

I cannot quite recall if your Probook is part of those that share an enormous amount of issues. These issues were however fixed a long time ago.

Not certain what you should be on now. What about the latest WU drivers and Win 10?
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Hello, and thanks for the prompt reply! I've actually been on Windows 10, but I simply can't stand it, sorry. However, on Windows 10 the drivers got installed by themselves, and from what I found from the forums here, I didn't suffer from any issues. There was the brightness problem, which worked for me, then there was the inability to go to sleep, which also works fine for me. Generally, I didn't see any apparent problems, but can't guarantee that it was all perfect.

I did not have the Control Centre for the Radeon card, but that's okay for me, because I don't really need it for anything. So basically, if I could have the same result on Windows 7, that would be great. I could just install the ones offered by Windows Update on Windows 7, but I wanted to check here first.
Well .. if you want to stay on Win 7 then you should defo search the forum for the probook thread. It was a massive one. One of my favourite cases.

In the end I think we started incorporating a fix into the Intel drivers that made things work for Probooks. However at some point I think we stopped applying it since it was no longer needed.

You really ought to look for that thread. Sorry about not being able to give you more info but as you can imagine it has been a long time.
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Well, for the benefit of future questions by other users, I'll check things around and I'll write back on how it works, or doesn't work Big Grin

That ProBook thread is quite massive, so I'll first see what doesn't work for me, and then start fishing in there Big Grin

I'll probably start by using these following drivers offered to me by Windows Update, and see what their status is, unless I find some others which are definitely a smarter choice for starting.

AMD: http://i.imgur.com/Kq1LPWr.png
Intel: http://i.imgur.com/FGE4V3K.png

If anyone can see by their publishing dates that they are not worth toying around with, let me know Big Grin
Okay, so, for what it's worth:

I've actually went on the Intel page and downloaded the latest Intel drivers for HD4000, installed those, restarted. Then I went on to AMD and downloaded the latest driver for 7650M, restarted.

The result: everything works fine, from what I can see. I have brightness control, I have a good battery life, the Radeon card turns itself on when I open a game, turns itself off otherwise. I can go to sleep and wake up without any problems, and I have ATI PowerPlay settings and Switchable Graphics settings in my power plan for some tinkering and adjustment if I needed to (I didn't install Crimson/Catalyst, don't like those at all).

Performance wise it seems slightly higher than Windows 10, temperatures are the same.

So all in all, turns out that at least the 4740s series, at least in my case, doesn't need anything Big Grin
Hey there! Thank you for the update!

This is good to know and will help other folk whilst they are searching for drivers!
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