About Us

Hi there,

My full name is Aliaksei Dzenisevich known as Lexa, Alesha, Lesha and followed by nickname – leshcat.

I am 26 years old, born in Belarus and lived here and there.

Currenly, I am Linux IT Administrator and among my other interests IT takes special place

(as well as girls and drinks :3 ).


How leshcatlabs.net and UnifL project were born?

In 2010 I’ve bought Lenovo Y560 series laptop w/o knowledge it’s capable of switchable graphics. When i ‘ve learned that official drivers can’t be installed that easily, i ‘ve developed driver based on latest AMD+Intel drivers for myself. Turned out this is a generic problem for all AMD+Intel graphic powered laptops and i’ve decided to help everyone i could by creating custom driver sets. As i was doing lots of sets, i found a similar pattern in driver creation, so with time, after lots of trials and errors, accumulated experience allowed me to start thinking of creating something bigger – UnifL (Unified Leshcat) AMD+Intel driver that would cover maximum range of all laptops with Switchable Graphics capabilities.

Eblogger was picked up as a start-up point. It was all good until i ‘ve decided to have my own CMS engine and download zone.

Paid Shared Hosting was selected for this tasks but with time it became too tight and too restrictive.

Evolve step was to get Cloud VPS – Virtual Private Server that suited all my needs.

At some time, community grown and daily requests became too much for LAMP setup and site became really slow.

So another VPS was born, a custom set of nginx/fpm/percona that was built by me that can handle current daily access requests without a problem.

And this is where leshcatlabs.net resides at present time.


Current staff involved in leshcatlabs.net:

UnifL Driver Development – leshcat, FunkyMike, Krutonium.

UnifL additional tools – leshcat, Krutonium & anonym0uz.

GUT (GUI UnifL Tools) programming – [ anonym0uz ].

Forum Support – Krutonium & FunkyMike.

Test UnifL builds – community and Humble Testers group.

Site setup and maintenance – leshcat.

Server setup and maintenance – leshcat.

Manual creation and maintenance – leshcat.

Tickets setup and processing – leshcat.

As far as you can see, our team is relatively small.

We hope you enjoy our work as we do :3 .


Take care,

UnifL Team