About anonym0uz

anonym0uzAge:                 30


Network & VoIP Technician, Certified IT Systems Manager



VB, Perl, Unix-BASH


Cisco Unified Call Manager and anything related to this


Spanning-Tree, Inter-VLAN-Routing, RIP, OSPF, VPN, SNMP, SSL/RADIUS authentication methods and of course other things I can’t remember right now 🙂


RADIUS, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, Network Monitoring


ITIL Foundation, PRINCEv2 Foundation


– Coding of GUI UnifL Tools Compilation, transforming all Command-Line applications from leshcat into GUI.

– Implementation of an IP-Adress-Management-System at a big playing IT-company which cares about Software Licensing.

– Build & maintenance Network topologies with all its depencies in many several cases which I don’t want to explain in detail.


Family at 1st, Music production/ DJing (www.youtube.com/thehcproducer), IT


Why the volunteer work for leshcatlabs.net?

I assume that everyone, who has problems with their graphics configuration, will be get in contact with UnifL drivers, soon or late. So in my case it was immediately after I bought my notebook in 2008 with Microsoft Windows Vista pre-installed on it. 😀 Couple of months later Microsoft decided to release Windows 7 and it totally fu*ked me up, because all the devices in my notebook worked after upgrading except of the Switchable Graphics… and at this point my research began.

Since I’ve found a working solution, with the priceless help of leshcat’s UnifL drivers, I stayed in contact with this project and tested every new release from UnifL which all doesn’t work for me, unfortunately.

But this changed with the release of Microsoft Windows 8.1. With the, highly qualified, help of FunkyMike I was able to found a solution to let my system running with this OS and we decided to find a unique and universal solution that works for all other users with “special” legacy devices.

Besides I decided to code an Installer for myself, but I also thought it might be useful for others. That was my entry to leshcatlabs.net. I previewed my application to Leshcat and FunkyMike and both were stunned about my work so Leshcat asked me if I were interested to do a complete transformation of the actual UnifL tools set. I sayed yes. 🙂 (More info about that is coming soon as an article.)

I love IT and get myself into new projects to gain knowledge. That’s the main fact why I agreed to be in team, priceless for sure. The most important thing of everyone should be to help each other who doesn’t know how to solve their problems by its own.

No one will do anything without a benefit, so in fact a donation is very welcome and honors my work, but it shouldn’t be the primary aspect.