Greetings Humble UnifL Users!

Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.11 Beta UnifL is now online and more than ready to serve!

This release is considered important as it marks the first release which has fixed the infamous “Intel HD 1st Gen + Radeon 5xxx blackscreen upon running games” bug that has existed since anything newer than Catalyst 14.4.
Thank you very much to everyone that has stepped up and voiced their support on this matter!
Due to the support of the community, MS and AMD took note of this issue and have finally released a fix bringing balance to the force.

There are many names that come to mind which have helped to bring this issue into the public domain but one person in particular stands out!

Dalby has been relentlessly drawing attention to the matter of the bootloop bug and the blackscreen bug, effectively leading a massive campaign which has generated two massive threads on the MS Insider forums, allowing the Mobility Community to come together as ONE to Voice their concerns.
He has been pivotal in shaping this campaign and ultimately leading to a driver bugfix being released by AMD for Intel HD 1st Gen users with Radeon cards that have been suffering from bootloops and blackscreens allowing users to enjoy Windows 10 and games!

Hopefully our community can bring other matters to light which users might have!

For the full fledged Changelog please check out the respective [ Forum Topic ].


UnifL Team