For over a month, reports have been piling up on the official Rockstar and Steam support forums of users who are not able to play GTA V with Laptops that utilize switchable graphics due to a bug in the game.

The issue only seems to affect switchable graphics configurations that have an AMD and Intel GPU resulting in the game not able to launch.

Whilst previous R* games such as Max Payne 3 experienced no issues with such devices, desperate users are turning to community made “hotfixes” for a chance to experience the $60 game. Unfortunately the method of overriding error specific addresses in the exe via an attached debugger is not the smoothest of processes leaving a lot of user waiting for a proper update from Rockstar.

So far Rockstar has only issued a brief remark that “AMD is working closely with Rockstar Games to investigate the issue.” No further updates from R* have since been made on the more than a month old situation resulting in more and more users voicing their complaints on the official forums.

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