Greetings Humble UnifL Users!

It has been almost 4 months before last release of UnifL set and finally it is time for a brand new and shiny Release:

Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.4 Beta 1 UnifL is now online and more than ready to serve!

For the full fledged Changelog please check out the respective [ Forum Topic ].

These are the highlights of the Minor Changelog:

1. UnifL Extractor features:

KB3033929 check added to properly recognize and use SHA2 certificates on Windows 7:


Thanks to this Microsoft Update KB you will be able to install UnifL without any issues on Windows 7 devices.

We would like to remind you that the UnifL sets are fully signed with a private certificate and do no require “Test Mode”!

This means that “Test Mode” does not need to be activated for these driver to work.

2. UnifL Features:

Windows 10 support:


Catalyst 15.4 Beta 1 UnifL Set is ready and waiting to be installed on Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Unlocked Catalyst Control Center Profiles:


Thats right, you are able to control what card to assign to any of your applications.
To find out how to take advantage of unlocked profiles ultimately achieving smoother media playback and a faster browsing experience as well as being able to freely pick which GPU to use for Applications and games, please check out the following   [ Forum Topic ].

3. Performance enhancements:

Enabled DirectX9 AMD optimization:


Thanks to LeekM for finding this.

Optimized media playback on Intel videocard.

Media playback should now be smoother.

4. Stability enhancements:

Enable ULPS is set to “0” as per official Windows 10 WHQL WU Mobility Engineering sample.

Disabling this feature removes a start-up delay as well as potentially fixing a few unique BSOD that certain users experienced.
A drawback being a potentially higher battery consumption by the device.

Enabled “KMD_EnableCrossGpuDisplaySupport” parameter for all AMD devices.

This parameter fixes:
– HDMI issues;
– Black screen on application run;
– Black screen on screensharing and teamview.

Microsoft fix applied for all Intel Generations.

This fix resolves Standby/wakeup/shutdown issues on many laptops:
– HP ProBook 4740s, HP Probook 4540s, HP ProBook 4730s, HP Probook 4340s;
– Variety of Dells, Acers, HP, etc.
This issue occurs because the AMD driver does not support Runtime Power Management (RTPM), but the Intel driver does support RTPM.
MS patch fixes this problem.

Thanks to Castro27 user for finding this fix and Microsoft for fixing it.

Evidently a lot of time, energy and cats were put into creating this UnifL release with the humble hopes that it will satisfy the Kitten Lords :3

As always, we advise you to check out [ Forum Topic ] to share your experience and as well as receive help and support.