Humble UnifL Users,

As you might have noticed Xmas will come early this year as Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be made available as a free upgrade to all devices which are running retail/laptop activated copies of Windows 7 and 8/8.1.

This means that most of our users will be able to move to Windows 10 free of charge!

Sadly this will not come without some issues.

This is where we need your help from the whole community!

Laptops with First generation Intel HD graphics + AMD Mobility 5xxx devices suffer from bootloops that have started on Windows 8.1 with any newer driver than AMD Catalyst 14.4.

Unfortunately this same issue exists on Windows 10.

A user by the name of Dalby has been waging a courageous campaign in hopes of raising awareness of this issue.

Many UnifL users have supported this by writing to MS and AMD.

Just a few days ago MS and AMD took notice of an issue on Windows 10 which put laptops with AMD graphic cards into a Code 43!

Unfortunately our issue was not as high on the general visibility Scale but this can certainly be ratified!

Therefore we would like to ask everyone to help out a whole generation of users by up voting not just the “Windows Insider 5xxx thread“,

But also to create new threads on the Insider forums and up vote each other’s topics and posts!

Please create a new thread on the Insider forums if your Laptop has a First Generation Intel Device and an AMD Mobility 5xxx Card with issues.

We have a thread on our forums that can be used for visibility so that new threads can be kept alive.

[ Thread link ]

Please help spread the word and up vote these threads no matter which card you have!

At the end of the day the AMD Mobility community never had a proper place to call their own or to voice their concerns in a respectable manner.

With luck we hope to strengthen our resolve and to support our peers throughout this period.

A successful campaign would be a small step for graphics card owners but a huge step for AMD Mobility device owners!


Stay frosty,

UnifL Team