Dear UnifL users,

Some of you may notice that latest 14.12 Omega UnifL release does not support Windows 7 OS.

The reason why that happened is that our new Private Certificate is signed with SHA-2 algorithm that is not properly supported by Windows 7.

After long struggle with Comodo Tech support, we were told that SHA-1 (like previous old certificate that worked okay for any OS) signed kernel mode certificates are not issued anymore by any of MS Trusted Authorities. That means that we cannot receive certificate replacement to older type.

Additionally, Microsoft will cease trusting Code Signing Certificates using SHA-1 at January 1, 2016.

Meanwhile Microsoft tried to improve the situation with SHA-2 certificates and released couple of KB-s.

Unfortunately the last one, the KB2949927 that delivered full SHA-2 signed algorithms support for Windows 7 caused BSOD-s and was took down at October 14, 2014. No new updates were released since then.

As a final shot, Microsoft finished mainstream support of Windows 7 OS.

That could mean that proper Patch that would guarantee full support of SHA-2 kernel mode certificates might never be released.

Therefore, you have 3 options left:

1. Wait for proper SHA-2 patch for Windows 7.

2. Migrate to Windows 8.1/Windows 10.

3. Use older UnifL releases (everything older than 14.12 Omega UnifL).

If you want to share your thoughts or findings, feel free to do it right here:

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Stay frosty.