Greetings Humble UnifL Users!

The moment many waited for …

Leshcat’s Catalyst 14.12 Omega WHQL UnifL is now online!

Major Changelog:
– Includes AMD Graphic Driver (ver. 11/20/2014, 14.501.1003.0000).
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (Legacy, ver.
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.
– New Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.
– Includes AMD HDMI audio driver:
(Win7: / Win8.1:

Minor Changelog can be found in Respective Forum Discussion Topic below.

[ Forum Discussion ]

Our Humble Testers and UnifL team spent lots of time and power to make this release stable and bug-free.

Ensure you’ve read Minor Changelog, it brought lots of changes and bugfixes.

Also, please take a look on problem of Intel HD first Gen + ATi 5xxx/6xxxm series that may experience a Boot Loop after driver installation on Windows 8.1 and 10.

AMD and Microsoft Support Request Campaign starts here:

So please don’t hesitate – leave your experience/thoughts/ideas replies.

Stay frosty,