Hello Humble UnifL Users!

Today me aka leshcat and my good friend and right hand, as well as Forum Moderator – FunkyMike – celebrate Birthday!
I ‘ve turned 26 and Mike – 28.
If you would like to congratulate us with this wonderful news, feel free to leave your message at following  [ forum topic ] 😉

Meanwhile, oh boy, sad news.

Our certificate that was kindly provided by Karl Sabo
is about to expire: 07 december 2014, if to be correct!

What does that mean?

That http://leshcatlabs.net will not be able to provide signed drivers any longer.
No new Test-Mode free releases. No new Test-Mode free projects 🙁

However, everything can be resolved if we will renew the certificate.
Initially, its going to be the same Comodo certificate as described in previous Certification Roll.

Right now, its 179$ or ~142 Euro. More details can be obtained on main Comodo site.

Just a reminder, key benefits of Private Certificate over Test Certificate:
1. No need to disable UEFI Secure Mode.
2. No need to enable Test Mode.
3. No need to observe “Test Mode” watermark and see Windows cry about it.
4. Also, don’t give various badware a chance to exploit Test Mode presence.
5. In order to operate correctly some applications require Trusted Cross-Certificated (i.e. private certificate) signed drivers.

Therefore, for those who is willing to support our future work, to keep life easier as UnifL user and to contribute –  i am opening Certificate Donation Roll №4.

When donating, please put “Certificate Donation Roll №4” or equal message, so donation can be distinguished and put to proper Donation Roll.

Of course, In case of failure to obtain required certificate, all donated funds for this cause will be returned back to its senders.

If you have some ideas or proposals we are always happy to hear them in forum topic linked above.

Kind Regards,

leshcat and FunkyMike



I can happily announce that Donation Roll N4 is now completed!

All funds have been transferred to responsible party.

All i can say is Thank You. Thank you for your resources, patience and belief in UnifL project. 🙂

With the help of 30+ humble donators, we have a possibility to work on UnifL project, to make it better,  and most importantly, keep it Test Mode free.