Hey guys,

So as you probably know from Facebook, Leshcat, Mike and I have been working on getting drivers ready for Windows 10. As you also probably know, within hours of my getting it installed, we had the drivers up and running.

Long story short, Yes, we are working on Windows 10 support as well.

The Drivers are running on Windows 10, Woot!

The Drivers are running on Windows 10, Woot!

Now, with that out of the way, I want to say some things about Windows 10, in a typical review type fashion.

First off:

The Good:

Windows 10 Is what a lot of people are calling “What 8 should have been”. And to be honest, I have to agree. It is spectacular, even in its very beta form. We have the start menu back, the install was smoother (Though making a local account is as always difficult to do if you don’t know the method), and the whole deal was extremely solid. And, it had all the drivers for my System by default, including a version of the normal drivers that though they installed and claimed to be functioning, failed to produce working dynamic. This was expected, which is why it is here. A couple new features of note with Windows 10 is the ability to have Multiple Desktops (A Feature most Linux Distro’s have had for many years, and could be achieved on Windows via 3rd party apps), and the ability to run Metro apps in Windowed mode, as opposed to full screen or split screen. Now, this next thing is something that has been requested in Windows for a long time, and is currently the most requested feature for Windows 10 – Tabbed Windows Explorer (To Experience this, check out Clover).

Clover running on Windows 8.1, I wasn't able to get it running on 10.

Clover running on Windows 8.1, I wasn’t able to get it running on 10.

While not integrated yet, I have high hopes that it will be. They are also cutting out a lot of the metro stuff that makes the OS not good for Non-Touch Devices.

This is the standard XBOX Music App.

This is the standard XBOX Music App.

The Medium:

They still haven’t fixed Video Drivers for our devices. It still is broken by default. Maybe this will change by release, maybe it won’t. We have no way of Knowing. In my personal opinion though, chances are that they will not release Windows 10 with a working driver set. Another thing of note: You cannot currently un-pin the Multi-Desktop etc apps from your taskbar, taking an additional 2 spots where you would normally find Internet Explorer and File Explorer (Windows Explorer), though this is also something that is highly requested in Windows 10 to be fixed, as most people like having the ability to move/remove them.

Unfortunately, these still can't be moved.

Unfortunately, these still can’t be moved.

The Control Panel as it is in the current build of Windows 10 is still split up between the traditional Control panel and the Metro Control Panel, though MS recently moved all Network Settings from the Traditional Control Panel into the Metro Control Panel, and made it default there. Based on this, I am going to guess that the Old School Control Panel will soon be phased out, or if it is left in, be left in such a state that it is only useful for power users.

The Bad:

It is too early to tell what the downsides of this OS are going to be. It seems to have it all – The Grace of Windows 7, the Speed of Windows 8/8.1, and is fairly stable. (The only time it has crashed on me was with bad BIOS settings and when Mike and I were monkeying around – that incident killed my Win10, and I had to re-install – even Safe mode was dead).

In Conclusion:

I have to say that Windows 10 is really shaping up to be a great OS, and with the User feedback coming in by the massive amounts that it is, I am hoping that this will be the best OS Microsoft has made to date.

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