Hello UnifL Users!

Today we would like to officially announce a new Project, Headed by Me, Krutonium!

Basically, I got my hands a Cheap Chinese Tablet a while back, and when it came to rooting it, I’ve discovered a considerable lack of universal adb drivers (Googles are, but it only officially installs on Google Devices).

So what I am going to start doing is modifying the adb drivers that come from Google, and add support for any devices that people can provide the info for.

Do you have an Android Phone/Tablet?

All we need is your Dev_ID’s that you get when you enable USB Debugging via Settings on your device, and we will add your device to the driver.

Proper guide on obtaining your DEV_ID is already at Forums.

Initial release and updates are already online, so don’t hesitate and follow forum link!

-> Forum Link <-