Hi there,

This post is not about leshcatlabs.net activities (and trust me, it never ends ) but personal interest 🙂 .

I was told that TES Online is a good game so often, that sooner or later you wanna try it out yourself. However there is not even 3day trial which is very awkward and frustrating fact.

Since i simply can’t afford paying 30+ Euro for just having a trial, i am asking you to help me to get weekend TES online access , specifically the access to account where i can try out the game itself. Of course, you have my word, your account and its data (characters, loot, etc) wont be exposed and no damage to your account will be applied.

If you have a good heart and TES Online access – please write me on gmail (dzenisevichDOTTTaliakseiDOTTT@gmailDOTTTcom) or contact me via Forum PM – it will be much-much appreciated.

Stay Frosty