Hey! It’s Krutonium here!

I would like to Announce our second giveaway, on this, May 4, (may the 4th be with you).

We will be giving away 3 Randomly selected Games to 3 randomly selected people on the forums – All you have to do it comment a number on the thread!

The giveaway will end on May 24th (in 20 days) and winners will be selected using a random number generator – random.org.

We will not be revealing what the games are till the giveaway is over – but we may drop hints if we feel like it (PM’s Will not be Tolerated! If you PM us about hints, you will be disqualified!) – You will have to convince us in the public forum (in the giveaway thread) so that everyone can see it.

And keep in mind not to post in that thread more than once – You get one number, and one question, that we will answer at our discretion.

If we see evidence of people cheating, the cheaters will be disqualified without warning (though if you get unfairly disqualified, PM Krutonium, and he will check the logs).

There is also a chance that we may give away a random game during the giveaway via Facebook – not guaranteed, but not impossible either

(If the folks over at VK want to participate, then he who runs it needs to PM me – if I end up with an extra key, I will send it their way).

Basically: Post once, no more – No cheating.


Have Fun!