Ok, so I know there is usually only posts about UnifL on here, but we, as a team, have decided to create Articles about things not directly related to UnifL.

This post is quite possibly the first of many.

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Tremor Games

Please note, that your account cannot be deleted at this time. I hope that this will be rectified by them at some point, but at this point all I can say if that if you really want to not give them your email, make a fake GMail/Hotmail/YourPrefferedService account.

If you are looking for a web site that is legitimate and fair, then look no further.
Tremor Games allows you earn free Tremor Coins to redeem free Steam Games, Steam Wallet, Steam trading cards, DLCs, Orgin games, PSN or Xbox live credit, Amzon.com gift cards, desura games, GOG games, in game credits and a lot more.

To earn free coins you can:
– Trade in TF2 and CS:GO items
– Trade in Steam Trading cards
– Watch free videos
– Do web based simple free Tasks – Play free games
– Install free mobile apps
– Complete free Surveys (No Cellphone Required!)
– Complete free offers
– Earn trophies: number of friends, number of comments…

There are games for as low as 65 tremor coins, and, depending on your region, you can easily get 200 to 1000 coins in 15 to 30 minutes. Mirror’s edge, Hard reset, Dead space, Fear 2, Karateka, dear ester, dirt 2, section 8, Mass effect 2, War or the roses and a lot, LOT more are all below 695 coins.

1. Register at This Link (Note: This is a Referral Link – I will be giving away games once in a while using coins earned via referrals!)
1.5 Here is a Non-Referral Link: Here
Click on “Register” at the top right of the main page, enter your info with a real e-mail. You won’t receive any spam from this site, believe me.
2. Click the “Get Coins” link at the top right of the page.
3. Earn Coins:
Watch Videos (in my region i can get 50 to 150 coins every day)
Depending on your region and time*, several sponsors offer videos to watch:
– Supersonic** (videos are available at a certain time each day, 8pm eastern for me)
– Matomy
– Token Ads
– Video Offers (Virool) * Keep refreshing this one, videos should appear after 5 to 10 refreshes.*
– V11 Videos
* Watch each video for at least 30 seconds. If you can’t see any videos, don’t despair. Check it out later, since videos are put on at specific times of the day depending on your region, you won’t see them all, right when you register.

**You don’t have to watch videos for 30 seconds with SUPERSONIC, you get your coins as soon as you press the play button on the video.

Do simple tasks (in my region, gives me 150 to 1000 coins in 15min)
1. Click the “Tasks” button in the “Get Coins” section. Look for tasks that are titled “Provide constructive feedback on a website’s design”, and click on one of them (choose the ones with me most work to do first).
These tasks appear at a region specific time in the day, for my region, between 6:45pm and 7:30 eastern (somedays tasks appear between 11pm and 12am east. time). You have to keep checking out for when it is available in your region.
2. Once you start a particular task, scroll down and click on the link that says “Please Click here to complete this task with the correct Google domain.”
3. On the google page that just opened, search for the keywords that the task asks you to search for.
4. Click on the result with the title that matches the one you are looking for, according to the task.
5. Now you just have to answer the questions on the task form about the website you found.
6. Once you answered all questions, and clicked on the checkbox to verify you indeed found the website and visited it, click on “Submit”, at the bottom of the page.
7. Fill in the short experience multi choice questions, click “Submit” again at the bottom of the page, and you get your coins.
You can complete them in less than 1 minute and it pays 48 to 144 Tremor Coins (at least in my region). I am able to do 3 or 4 of these a day. These tasks, ask you to visit a web page, and you have to answer 4 or 5 easy questions on that web site. For example, it can ask you for the support e-mail of that site, or it can ask how many reviews there are on the page, if you find the web page attractive… Really simple and easy to answer questions.

Tips when doing tasks
– Sometimes, you are asked to visit a certain website from a mobile device. In that case go to http://www.yieldtrack.com on your mobile, and enter the code that the task gives you and touch “get started”. It will open a google web page on your device… the rest is the same as with other tasks.
– If the task says “X number of work left” but when you click it it says “no more work left”, just go back to the main tasks page, and click on that same task again. Repeat this operation until you can access the task (works after 5 to 10 repeat usually. If you need to repeat more than 10 times, it probably won’t work). This happens when a lot of people click on that same task at the same time, and the servers just say that there is no work left, when there still is.
– When a task asks for a phone number on a website, do not leave any space between the numbers, otherwise, it won’t work.
– There are other types of tasks to do, like visiting web sites and categorizing them, finding people’s job titles, answering questions, simple surveys, and lots of other types depending on your region. Some of these tasks pay you bonus tremor coins when you do a good job. For example, if a task gives you 9 tremor coins for answering 4 questions, and you answer them correctly, you get 180 to 270 coins bonus.

4. Click the Tremor Rewards at the top of the page, redeem your coins for free Steam Games.
If you want a specific Steam Game that is not offered in the Tremor Rewards section, then just get a Steam wallet code with your coins and go get the game you want on steam.

5. Get Tremor coins faster:
Install Mobile Apps (250 to 450 coins depending on the app)
Supersonic and several other sponsors offer you the possibility to install mobile apps to your Ios or Android device to get coins.
Important note: If a sponsored app have already been installed in the past on your device, you might not get any credits.

Refer your friends 
You can get 20% of the coins won in offers (videos, mobile apps, surveys) and 10% of the coins won in tasks by your friends. To refer a friend do the following:
1. Click on your username at the top right of the screen.
2. Just under your achievements (if you played achievement games) you will see “Refer friends and earn tremor coins” Under that title, you will see a red colored html link. This is your referral link.
3. Copy your referral link and send it to your friends, and tell them how awsome Tremor Games is, and why they should register.
4. Once your friends click on the referral link you sent them, and register at tremor games, you’re done.

I suggest you do Peanut Labs surveys, because contrary to other sponsors, with peanut labs you know quickly if you qualify or not for the survey. And also, you get paid almost at every survey. My second choice of sponsor for surveys is TrialPlay. Stay away from Supersonic surveys.

Trade in TF2, CS:GO items and Steam Trading cards
You can get some tremor coins by trading in your items and trading cards. The trading is handled by a bot, so just follow the steps on the links below. You must have redeemed at least 1 item from Tremor Rewards to be eligible.
TF2 items : http://www.tremorgames.com/?action=viewtopic&topicid=5311
CS:Go items : http://www.tremorgames.com/?action=viewtopic&topicid=6490
Trading cards : http://www.tremorgames.com/?action=viewtopic&topicid=5075

List of Games I have gotten

List of Games I have gotten

Now, here is a list of my Purchases so far 🙂 (All for Free!)

Feel free to discuss and ask questions at this -> forum topic. <-

Have fun with this, It is easy free games – Krutonium