Hello everyone!

Long time! But it was surely worth it.

Lots of changes. So here we go:


Leshcat’s Catalyst 13.9 WHQL UnifL Update 3 set is now online.

Major Changelog:

– Includes AMD Graphic Driver (ver. 08/30/2013,
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (Legacy, ver.
Updated Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.
Updated Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.
– Includes AMD HDMI audio driver:
(Win7: / Win8: / Win8.1:

Minor Changelog:

·    Autoupdater is now online. Just click it to know if there is newer UnifL version.
     All Credits go to Krutonium.
·    DSE is no longer required. UnifL will automatically ask you to remove it.
·    UBR (UnifL Brightness Resolver) is now available for Windows 8.1.
·    Improved “Black Screen” situation on Generation 1 & 2 Intel Models. Kudos to FunkyMike.
·    Greatly improved UnifL Install Helper. Autoinstaller removed.

Download Locations (~377 MB):


MD5: d49d31599c3780159f0a663ddf32aadd


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Take care, enjoy the new updated set and be sure to check out for newest AMD release shortly 😉 .