Hi there guys,

Long story short:

Nicholas Guy is apparently not able to support us with his private Certificate any longer.

Therefore, substitution has to be found.

I am thinking about this certificate: http://codesigning.ksoftware.net/index_dc.html

Idea is to get 3 year certificate for 175 $ (~130 €). But not anymore. Check UPDATE 2 below.

If you have any better proposal, better price and certificate options or other idea – please share it here.


I am opening Donation Roll №3:

Just a reminder, key benefits of Private Certificate over Test Certificate:

1. No need to disable UEFI Secure Mode.

2. No need to enable Test Mode.

3. Therefore, No need to observe “Test Mode” watermark.

4. Some applications are required that system has at least Cross-Certificated (i.e. private certificate) signed drivers.

In case of failure of obtaining the certificate, all donated funds for this cause will be returned back.

When donating, please put “Certificate Donation Roll №3” or equal so donation can be distinguished and put to proper Donation Roll on your right.

And Randy Burk here is opening new roll!

Take care,




Started donation roll 😉




Unforunately, Francisco Javier Miranda Mera and Renato V were right, promotion has been misunderstood, that is not a full price of 3 years certificate, but a discount per year.

Proof at pic:








Therefore, we are moving to 1-year certificate idea – 213 $ (~156).


Hello again! As you can see on the right, Donation Roll №3 has been successfully completed, the last euro was provided by Markus Brandl 😉

But of course, it wont be completed if not 12 humble donators. Their names are written down in *pantheon of fame* 😉

I am starting paperwork procedures for getting the desired cert for our pleasure.

Once again, i’d like to thank you for your time, resources, patience and belief in UnifL project.

Updates will follow.



Thanks to Karl Sabo, humble UnifL user and Donator, UnifL project has  new private Certificate in our disposal.

Be sure to check out new re-signed 13.9 WHQL Release shortly. 😉

Thank you everyone, my personal thanks to those who participated in this roll and did not loose hope in UnifL Project.