Hello my friends!

Skynet is now…hehehe..Leshcat’s Catalyst 13.8 Beta 1 UnifL is now online as you requrested.

Please note that poll is just above where you can leave your opinion about this release.

Major Changelog:

  • Updated ATi Graphic Driver (ver. 07/23/2013,
  • Includes Intel HD Graphics (Legacy, ver.
  • Includes Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.
  • Includes optional ATi HDMI audio driver (Win7: / Win8:

Minor Changelog:

  • Config Tune up.
  • Manual updated till 09.08.2013.
  • UBR updated till 4.2.1 – cosmetic changes.

Download Locations (~260 MB):


MD5: 2c46353e297eee28b525e3decbf8418c

Something not working as it should after install? Again, please refer to manual first.

Especially the updated section – FTC.

Also, 12.3  UP2 release got singed. Grab it here.

Take care and post your feedback.

And don’t forget that clean system might require Visual C++ Redistr installed 1st.


UP1: Please do not use 3062 Intel driver until further notice.

UP2: Regarding Win 8.1:

At the moment only 13.4 up 2 and 13.6.2 UnifL’s are working fine under win 8.1.

Please use them instead of all other UnifL’s.

Due to numerous issues with beta sets, I’ve decided to wait for solid AMD WHQL release for optimal UnifL experience. Thank you for understanding.