Hello my dear friends,

Lets go straight to the point, shall we? 😉

Since there are a lot of talk about UBR and FeatureTestControl value lately, brightness and screen issues, plus thanks to MikeP’s proposal, i’ve decided to update manual.

And now, new menu – UnifL Brightness Resolver is available for your pleasure, where step by step is described how to find proper/right FTC value.

I strongly advice you to read it as it will help you to understand what for is FeatureTestControl and how important it is, especially if you have issues with your laptop like Brightness/Black screen or inability to switch between cards.

Moreover, you can now submit your FTC findings to the Public (somewhat) database so other users that lost hope or nerve will be lucky to find their answer.support_new_menus2

And of course anyone can review it here.

You can always find those links at *Support* menu, like on picture.

I must admit it had to be done long time ago.

Ah, as to 13.8 beta release – when its done 😉

Stay tuned,


UP1: Manual has been updated with important troubleshooting question:

“My Switchable Graphics drivers (UnifL or original) are randomly crashing. What can be done here?”

My personal thanks to Noah Wilson, creator of mini-manual of how-to 😉 .

Check it out.