Hi there guys,

Banned by PunkBuster – what then?

How can you prove you weren’t cheating?

Where to seek the help?

What should you do now?

Here is a short story that occured with me a week ago.

I was simply playing BF3 on GGC-Steam.NET server, nothing was ringing bells when suddenly i got dropped with following message:

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster.

Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player ‘fw_leshcat’ (for 1 minute) … Cheater banned by GGC-Stream.NET.

Ban on GUID 3e3d093463be45128eb86d9755XXXXXX.

Contact GGC-Stream.NET for details. [Admin Decision]

Being kinda surprised, like any normal person i am following the rules.

Therefore going to GGC-Steam.NET site to resolve this misunderstanding.

While submitting ticket GGC-Steam.NET says i should check up with PB Support so i do it.

Predictably, PB support can’t help, claiming it’s GGC-Steam.NET ban.

GGC-Steam.NET says ban will stay until they ‘ll figure out what code means.

According to PB‘s internal policy, they can’t provide such info.

You can read tickets content below:



I would not really bother at all, but somehow i can’t enter any server now because PB thinks i am a cheater and links to this GGC ban as explanation. 

Where does that leaves me? Nowhere.

I can’t play my 50 Bucks game and probably all future games like BF4 thx to PunkBuster and GGC, no real support was provided from both sides.

Funny part that i am guilty apriori and of course i can’t prove my innocence since there is no tool to protect my rights, presumption of innocence is not working here either.

Sad but true.

I am leaving this topic for discussion.

Stay frosty,