Hello everyone!20130212_095256

First of, i ‘d like to thank all of you for your support and donations that are keeping servers floating and really encourage me with continuing and improving this project and of course having an opportunity to finally jump off the old lappie in exchange for modern model.


I believe that many of you are wondering what did i pick up. And its time to reveal this 😉

Ladies and Gentlemen, i ‘d like to introduce my new helper: Asus N56VZ.

And some pics:










Needless to say, its very powerful in comparison of my old one and has nice design w/o idiotic decorative plastic and lights.

You can read a full review of this model here.

Modern, effective and shiny, with working battery – what else is required?

Ofcourse upcoming installation of SSD OCZ Vertex 4. 😀


As promised, most voted UnifL release is now signed – Catalyst 12.11 Enduro UnifL. Go grab it here.


And it looks like that majority wants a Forum to be created. Public calls and I obey.

With the help of Aditya Pandey, developer of such sites as:




Forum will be delivered shortly. 😉

 13.6 Beta UnifL release:

Apart of all the news, Catalyst 13.6 Beta UnifL is now available for your pleasure.


Take care and best wishes,