Greetings Comrades once again:

Leshcat’s Catalyst 13.5 Beta2 UnifL is now online.

Major Changelog:

Updated ATi Graphic Driver (ver. 04/16/2013,

– Includes Intel HD Graphics (Legacy, ver.

– Includes Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.

Updated Intel HD Graphics (DEV 4000/2500, Modern, ver.

– Includes optional ATi HDMI audio driver.

(Win7: / Win8:

Minor Changelog:

  • Hopefully Resolved Intel “Quick Sync” issue thanks to Saveliy410 and paringas.
  • Signed with private certificate.

Download Locations (~340 MB):


2.Narod (Press Blue Button to start download).


Something not working as it should after install? Again, please refer to Manual first.

Brightness or wake-up/hibernation does not work? Please refer to “UnifL Additional Tools” section.

Please note! AMD driver is in BETA state so any kind of unexpected problems might occur, that might be not resolvable at all.

I would advice you to use WHQL versions instead.

Take care,