Hello my humble users,

Today i would like to discuss with you latest news and plans regarding UnifL project.








Issues regarding DSE:

All of us i guess found DSE solution not really convenient at the end.

If Windows 7 users are in most cases having no troubles…

Windows 8 users ( 47% according to Windows Poll ) for sure had or still having issues with Watermark Remover that renders some metro apps unstable or even unusable.

Not to mention  Microsoft 8 Netflix application that will refuse working with test signed driver – infamous Error code: W8158.

How to resolve this?

Try to find better alternative of fooling Windows or….

With the help of one of the UnifL users, Nicholas Guy, this flaw might be be fixed by purchasing private certificate that will eliminate need of DSE for all the times for future UnifL releases.

In other words, UnifL sets will install like ordinary drivers provided by manufacturers.

Old successful releases will be re-signed with new certificate according to poll results that will be opened once I will obtain Certificate.

Right now, we are pointing to this https://www.globalsign.com/code-signing/ certificate, it totals 129 $ or 100 € per year.

Therefore, i am opening new Donation Counter that can be seen on the right, below main donation roll.

If you are willing to contribute for this noble cause and make your life easier as an UnifL user, you can label your donation as “No more DSE” or something like that 😉


Forum creation:

Some of the users, time ago raised a question about Forum page and user DEWE has set final point. Should this be done?

Its up to you!

Check out Forum Poll on the right and vote whenever we need it or should we keep the things as they are.

There is no expiry date on this poll, but once it will reach 750 answers, it will be considered closed.


Looking forward to hear from you.

As always, take care and have a nice time 😉




“No More DSE” donation score has been achieved!

Total amount received – 106 €!

11 people can do the difference 😉

I am now forwarding this case to responsible party. You can observe progress at Donation Roll at right side.




Alright, we are all set – Ceritificate is up and running. 13.3 Beta 3 is now signed

(3/4 Generation Intel 2932. Grab it here)

(1/2 Generation Intel 2993. Grab it here).

13.1 WHQL v1 is now signed too. Grab it here.

And As promised, please vote, which UnifL should be signed next. As usual, voting poll is on the right.

Obviously, future releases will be signed by default.

No more DSE! 😉



Issues should be resolved by now.

13.1 WHQL UnifL v1 and v2.1 and 13.3 Beta 3 v2.2 UnifL certs are now uploaded.