Hi again my humble present and future users of UnifL packages.

Leshcat’s Catalyst 13.2 Beta 5 UnifL is now online.

Please mind that it is considered to be a Public Test.

Main Changelog:

Includes ATi Graphic Driver (ver. 02/02/2013,

Includes Intel HD Graphics (Modern, ver.

Includes optional ATi HDMI audio driver (Win7: / Win8:

Minor Changelog:

Added Reported Proper Values. Cleaned up configs.

Download Locations:

leshcatlabs.netCatalyst 13.2 Beta 5 UnifL (~232 MB)

PS: This package does not include any additional packages like AVT/Encoder etc as well as does not include legacy Intel Driver.

Before starting installing it, please read: http://leshcatlabs.net/manual/

Something not working as it should after install? Please refer to manual first.

Take care,