Hi everyone,

hallo, привет, ciao, 你好, hej, ahojб salut, tere, dia dhuit,  გამარჯობა,  Γειά!, こんにちは!, Сәлем!, день добры, السلام عليكم , sillaw, sveiki, labas,goddag, сześć,  אַ גוטן טאָג , ahoj, здраво, hola, merhaba.

First of all, with this International “Hi” I wanted to thank everyone, all over the world, who supported me during this long time, while experimenting and working to something that passionate all of us. My sincere greetings for New Year’s Eve.

Today I am launching a new challenge.

I would like to keep working on UnifL project and once again I need your support. Everything counts as important here, so far my only computer i have, my laptop: Lenovo Y560 is almost dead, as you can see by the attached pictures.

Current laptop issues:


Open on New Page to see it in full view


Cable but most importantly motherboard’s contacts are in very poor shape. Connection gets interrupted every 10-15 minutes.

See video. http://youtu.be/FM2jjiyWBFQ

Notebook’s cover:

Cheap plastic got damaged due transportation between countries, both hinges that connected Laptop Screen with main laptop body are broken so now screen is supported by pack of pens.


Dead. Around 5 minutes w/o AC.


Hardware State:

Constant Overheat. Typical temp when doing nothing – 60 C. After launching game – 90-100 and ongoing reboot. Tried exchanging thermal-paste and give more space for air but to no vail.


Hardware power:

Outdated. Cannot “deliver” anymore.

Many of you knows how expensive is a new “acceptable” computer nowadays, and currently my salary is not enough high to just keep saving money. So if you can spare a coin or two – i would really appreciate it. Every bit helps ^_^.

You can see new counter on the right where donation button resides. Current saved money and destination goal.

Button to make a difference 😛 :

I would like to thank again all who is going to donate and who already done it.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Today, 23/01/2013 at 7:04 i found my laptop dead. No response to any actions: no boot, no blink. Disassembled and did not find any obvious trouble like dead mb parts or disconnected cables. Reasembled back – same story.
Today, 30/05/2013 roll has been completed. New post with congrats and cudos is to follow. 😉
Thank you everyone!