Hey there,

UnifL Brightness Resolver (UBR) has been updated till v3.0.

Main Changelog:

-Now UBR will change only existing value.

Those who have 2 registry settings will get following message:

UBR Warning

Luckily, if you did not delete and rewritten original UBR dumps, you will be able to successfully restore proper values:

UBR Pic. 2

Start UBR again. Now you will see proper settings. 

In my particular case, AMD card resides under “0001” reg key:

UBR Pic. 3

-Custom Section has been updated.

Now you can decice yourself what needs to be altered and what should not be:

UBR Pic. 4

For example, i’ve picked up (C) command, to alter only Intel Setting:

UBR Pic. 5

Dear users, experiment. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.

Grab it here:

leshcatlabs.netUnifL Brightness Resolver v3.0.

Please note – [K] option will not work in this release.

Also, is Intel path required  – still a good question.