Dear UnifL Users,

Here are the latest news about

Regarding design:

As you can notice, site has been reconstructed for better usage.

– Now its has separate categories for News and UnifL posts. Check it regularly.

– Donation roll page is now online. I believe that page itself is self-explanatory.

– Twitter “Follow Me” button has been added on the right top position next to RSS feed.

– Go “To Top” button finally added for your convinience while browsing comments.

– Retro Icons for posting are back 🙂

Regarding Downloads:

-Improved httpd download speed.

-New type of download via torrent is now available thanks to Its easy to use and in most cases will deliver maximum download speed for you.

Regarding Support:

Support tickets are now available only for humble donators. Once you’ve donated, you will receive Welcome Email with unique credentials (binded to your Paypal Email Account) to enter UnifL Support Desk where you can Create/Browse your tickets.

Please note, that welcome email with credentials and Ticket Id’s with high probability will end up in spam box. Ensure you will mark them as “NOT SPAM“ if you want to receive updates in default manner.

Best Regards,