Hi again my humble present and future users of UnifL packages. 🙂

Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.11 Enduro 11/06/2012 UnifL with plenty of new features is now online.

Main Changelog:

– Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( ver. 11/06/2012, ).

– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

– Includes optional ATi HDMI audio driver
  ( Win7: / Win8: ).

Minor Changelog:

– Configuration improvements due ticket requests.
– New Menu “Brightness Resolver” available.
– New Sony VAIO Video Playback patch available at “Issue Resolver” menu.
– CHM manual updated till v1.1.0. 02.12.2012.

Download Locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.11 Enduro UnifL Full  Only (~350mb)


Don’t forget to fully re-read manual regarding new tools that resides here: http://leshcatlabs.net/manual/

And remember – if you didn’t read manual just because you are lazy to spend 10 minutes to resolve your issue – noone can help you.


Signed cats are here as you ‘ve requested. Download.

  • Simply configure UnifL with desired intel and unpack it.
  • Navigate to “%unpacked_driver_folder%PackagesDriversDisplayW86A_INF“.
  • Overwrite existing cats with zip versions for appropriate intel version.
  • Install UnifL.

Take care,