Monthly Archive: December 2012

Happy New Year & Help – Updated

Hi everyone, hallo, привет, ciao, 你好, hej, ahojб salut, tere, dia dhuit,  გამარჯობა,  Γειά!, こんにちは!, Сәлем!, день добры, السلام عليكم , sillaw, sveiki, labas,goddag, сześć,  אַ גוטן טאָג , ahoj, здраво, hola, merhaba. First...


UnifL Brightness Resolver Updated till v3.0

Hey there, UnifL Brightness Resolver (UBR) has been updated till v3.0. Main Changelog: -Now UBR will change only existing value. Those who have 2 registry settings will get following message: Luckily, if...


Reconstruction is now completed.

Dear UnifL Users, Here are the latest news about Regarding design: As you can notice, site has been reconstructed for better usage. – Now its has separate categories for News and...