Hi there,

Today I invite you for Public Testing of following set:

Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.9 Sep4 UnifL.

Main Changelog:

– Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( ver. 08/09/2012, ).

– Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver. 15. ).

– Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver. 15. ).

– Updated optional ATi HDMI audio driver
( Win7: / Win8: ).

Minor Changelog:

Y aD’s U nifL C leaner ( YUC ) has been excluded from UnifL package.

– Added chm Up-to-Date Manual (Strictly recommended to study it).

Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.9 Sep4 UnfiL PT ( v 0.4 )


leshcatlabs.net – 12.9 Sep4 UnfiL PT ( v 0.5 )



– GEN1/2 Receives Experimental ability to install on Win8.

– Gen 1/2 config improvements.

– CHM Manual Updated till 1.0.2.
Added relative table to determine your Intel Generation type.
FAQ & Troubleshooting section updated.

– Envy 17 series updates.

– HP dv6 updates.

If you spot any bug, please don’t hesitate to create a ticket.
It’s much easier for me to investigate issue and keep history of progress.
Simply navigate to [support page] and learn new standards of creating ticket. since System Information assemble will be performed by ChatNoir Info Application from now on.

So if you will not include this absolutely necessary information in your ticket, its unlikely i will be able to resolve possible issues.

Also, please check out News page. I need your advices if you have any 🙂

Take care,