Hi there folks,


Alright, let’s try it again.

But word of waring 1st. God seen me and my dedicated testers done everything to minimize bugs and collisions with 12.8. Some of them we did resolve, some didn’t.

Here is a list of things that we could not resolve entirely:

1. HP dv6/dv7 (possibly other models) have issues with HDMI/VGA output: 1/4 of Extended desktop is black, no image visible.

Workaround: disable AERO.

2. Random blank screens on “Fixed Mode”.

No workaround.

3. Possible MetroUI glitches after changing cards (Intel—>AMD).

Workaround: 12.8 UnifL has batch on-board that will help to resolve this issue. Also check out [User Projects] for extended solution of this bug.

4. Backlight sleep issues on some models on new intel driver. Remember i ‘ve told you that its fixed for MOST BUT NOT ALL MODELS? Well, its stays that way.

Workaround: Use 2559 Intel Driver instead.


I am sorry, but thats maximum i can squezze out of 12.8 at present time.

You ve been warned!


Also of all i ‘d like to point your attention that new menu called [User Projects] is now available.

Most interesting tools,tweaks and fixes for easier driver maintenance from our users and comrades will be placed there.

So don’t hesitate to check it out right now!

After extensive testing i think that it’s time to release Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.8 WHQL UnifL.

Let’s review main differences comparing to 12.7 Jun28 Official Beta release:


Main Changelog:

Updated Catalyst Application Profiles ( ver. 12.7 CAP3).

Updated ATi Graphic Driver (ver. 07/27/2012, 8.982.0.0000 ).

Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver.

Includes optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).

Includes DSE by Default.

Includes YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. ).


Minor Changelog:

– Windows 8 is now officially supported by UnifL.

New component implemented for it.

   Please don’t foget to mark the checkbox if planning to install UnifL on Windows 8.

– New temporal component available: MetroUI restart batch.

  Check component description for more details.

YaD’s UnifL Cleaner moved to UnifL Tools.

– Minor changes here and there.


Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.8 WHQL UnfiL Release ( v 5.1 )

MD5: Not calculated.

Please use AMD’s Update function to install over previous UnifL.

Perform [Manual Cleaning Procedures] in case of Update Failure.

Use YUC only if you know what you are doing.


Advice to everyone: do not post troubleshooting comments until [F.A.Q.], [Quick Guide] and [Manual] are fully read.

If you are going to submit bug comment, please add this info to your message:

1. Model and brand of your laptop.

2. How have You cleaned previous driver.

3. Which version of driver you’ve installed (Release, UP1, UP2 etc).

4. How UnifL was configured((Which components did you pick up) before install.

5. Did you install Certificate before, Enabled Overdrive or HP patches etc.

If bug is unresolvable directly, please navigate to [Support] page to learn how to submit/view new/existing tickets.

Take care,