Hi again,

Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.x Jun12 UnifL is now online.

As promised, no sleep till victory end.

Previous package had no support for Gen1 and i though its unfair. Belief in humanity restored.

Let’s review main differences comparing to 12. 6 UP3 release:

Main Changelog:

– Updated Catalyst Application Profiles ( ver. 12. x Jun 12 ).

  Updated ATi Graphic Driver (ver. 06/12/2012, 9.000 .0.0000).

– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. 559 ).

–  Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver. 92 ).

–  Updated optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. 7 ).

Includes DSE by Default.

Includes YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. ).

Minor Changelog:

– Wakeup Backlight issues on newest Intel driver should now be fixed for most ( BUT NOT ALL ) models.

– Updates in menu: “HP Issue Resolver”.

Added option to change TDRLevel to Zero.

– HP Envy products should no longer suffer from blank screen issue on startup.

– Other minor config fixes for other models.

Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.x Jun12 UnfiL



Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.x Jun12 UnifL Update 1 :

Minor Changelog:

– Added missing CIM and Other Custom Packages ( absent in original package ).

– “ BSOD after hibernation” issue should be resolved.

– HDMI image corruption issues should be resolved.

– HP envy 15/17 brightness issues should be resolved.

– Other minor config fixes.

Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.x Jun12 UnfiL UP1 — Turned off due mass errors.



Please use AMD’s Update function or perform [ Manual Cleaning Procedures ] in order to successfully install 12.6 UP 2 . Use YUC only if you know what you are doing.


Advice to everyone : do not post troubleshooting comments until [ F.A.Q. ], [ Quick Guide ] and [ Manual ] are fully read.

If you are going to submit bug comment, please add this info to your message:
1 . Model and brand of your laptop.
2 . How have You cleaned previous driver.
3 . Which version of driver you’ve installed (Release, UP1, UP2 etc).
4 . How UnifL was configured((Which components did you pick up) before install.
5 . Did you install Certificate before, Enabled Overdrive or HP patches etc.

If bug is unresolvable directly, please navigate to [ Support ] page to learn how to submit/view new/existing tickets.


Enjoy and have a nice Friday, because Friday I Am In Love ! Still Friday for me.