Hi there folks,

Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.6 WHQL UnifL UP2 is now online.

Let’s review main differences comparing to 12.6 UP1 release:

Main Changelog:

– Includes Catalyst Application Profiles ( 6/28/2012, ver. 12.7 CAP1 ).
– Includes ATi Driver (12.6 WHQL: 06/11/2012, 8.980.0.0000).
– Re-added Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Includes optional ATi HDMI driver (ver.
– Includes DSE by Default.
– Includes YaD’s UnifL Cleaner (ver.

Minor Changelog:
–Backlight issues on newest Intel driver should now be fixed for most models.
–New menu available: “UnifL Tools”.
Currently its consist of DSE/Certificate/SubInACL sub-menus.
You can learn more at respective [?] button.
–New menu available: “HP Issue Resolver”.
Now both patches for respective HP models can be applied on “fly” without need to reinstall system again.
You can learn more at respective [?] button.
–AMD HW acceleration should be now operational for Sony and Dell Vostro laptops.
–Acer 7750G should now be able to control brightness and no longer observe wakeup issue.
–Lenovo Y470p should now be able to control brightness and no longer observe wakeup issue.
–Other minor config fixes for other models.

Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net – 12.6 UnifL UP2



Changelog: should drastically increase stability for all laptops.

Attention Everyone!

Newest hotfixes for Windows 7 might potentially corrupt DSE, also Certificate was changed! Please reinstall them both via UnifL Tools, reboot and continue installation process.
Also, please don’t underestimate the power of SubInACL tool. It has real potential of reviving your system without Reinstalling Windows and provided by Microsoft. You can find it in UnifL Tools.

Please use AMD’s Update function or perform [Manual Cleaning Procedures] in order to successfully install 12.6 UP2. Use YUC only if you know what you are doing.

Advice to everyone: do not post troubleshooting comments until [F.A.Q.], [Quick Guide] and [Manual] are fully read.

If you are going to submit bug comment, please add this info to your message:
1. Model and brand of your laptop.
2. How have You cleaned previous driver.
3. Which version of driver you’ve installed (Release, UP1, UP2 etc).
4. How UnifL was configured((Which components did you pick up) before install.
5. Did you install Certificate before, Enabled Overdrive or HP patches etc.

If bug is unresolvable directly, please navigate to [Support] page to learn how to submit/view new/existing tickets.