Hi again,

Please accept my apologies for very long absence, but it had to be done. All relevant goals are finally accomplished. I hope you enjoy new server speed and its constant uptime as i do ;).

And of course, something that everyone who ‘ve used UNIFL at least once was waiting for has come alive – Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.6 WHQL UnifL UP1 is finally online.

Lets have a walk on main differences comparing to 12.3 UP2 release:

Main Changelog:

Added Catalyst Application Profiles ( 6/28/2012, ver. 12.7 CAP1 ).
– Updated ATi Driver (06/11/2012, 8.980.0.0000).
– Updated Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Updated Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Updated optional ATi HDMI driver (ver.
– Includes DSE by Default.
– Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner (ver.

Minor Changelog:
– Backlight issues on newest Intel driver should now be fixed for most models.
– DSE option has been enhanced. Now you have ability to install/remove dse via new menu.
– Certificate option has been enhanced. Now you have ability to install/remove certificate via new menu.
– New menuOverDrive Enabler added.
Please note: Requires MSI Afterburner installed in order to function properly.
– Other minor fixes.

– dv6/7 registry fix: Tdr Level/Delay receives new value of 3/7.

You can learn more about it here:


Download locations:

leshcatlabs.net UP1

ADDED: UP2 + UP3 Patch


Also, [Manual] pages have been updated, specifically Manual Cleaning Procedures. Dont hesitate to read it.

If you spot any bug feel free to navigate to [Support] page to learn how to submit/view new/existing tickets.



PS: I would like to say big thanks for testing to SNeM, Tretivan and Burgerlolz for testing this release.

UP1: Interesting article about OverDrive. Must see if interested in using OD.

UP2: Catalyst 12.6 WHQL UnifL UP1 is now online. Changelog updated.


Guys, everyone who has Problem i BEG YOU to write detailed info how:


1. How You cleaned previous driver.
2. Which version of driver you’ve installed (Release, UP1, UP2 etc)
3. How CONFIGURED(What did you pick up) UnifL before install.
4. Did you install Certificate before, Enabled Overdrive etc.

Because messages like:”…The clocks start at 100/150 and when I change it with Afterburner they arrive max at 400/800 and after 1 sec return back to 100/150…” are pontless.

PS: Its PowerPlay ffs.