Hi and welcome back,

Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.3 UP2 UnifL is finally online.

Lets get straight to the point:

Main Changelog:
– Includes ATi Driver (03/08/2012, 8.951.0.0000).
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Includes Intel HD Graphics (ver.
– Includes optional ATi HDMI driver (ver.
– Includes DSE by Default.
– Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner (ver.
Main YUC changes:
YUC’s 2 module system is back.
Afterboot YUC part will automatically start and continue cleaning after first system reboot.
After this system will auto-reboot again.

Minor Changelog:
1. Components descriptions were rewritten – please re-read it carefully.
2. All config updates (but not official driver fixes of course) from 12.4 and 12.x are included.
3. Added “Certificate Install” button. You can learn more about it by clicking [?] button next to it.
4. Added Alternative “Fixed Mode Patch” for HP dv6/7 60xx/70xx series.

You can learn more about it here:

5. From now on only recommended packages are selected by default at AMD installer “Custom” tab.

Those include: AMD SDK, AMD driver, CCC, CAP. You can always check other components manually if you want.

“Express” button pressers – you’ve been warned.

6. Fixed Intel Names to match official naming as close as possible.
7. Added Intel driver versions. Now device manager and 3rd party tools should show versions properly.
8. CCC should no longer hang when opening “hotkeys” tab.

Download locations:



Also, new page is online: [FAQ] page. Check it out if you still didn’t.

I’d like to remind you that Support procedures changed. Please navigate to [Support] to learn how to submit new tickets.


Leshcat & Co.

Up1: Package re-uploaded. Definitely worth a try.

Up2: Singed cats are here.