Hi there!

Today i can proudly announce that leshcatlabs.org is now officially online!

As you can see, i wasnt loosing time and tried to make every page as human friendly as possible.
Lets have a quick overview of what i’ve got for you:

[Latest Drivers] button will always get you to actual UnifL set.
[Manuals] button is also clickable with short explanation of its “children”.
[YUC Section] button will get you to YUC blogspace also hosted on leshcatlabs.org. You can find there latest versions of YUC, browse its changelogs and ask a questions in respective posts.
[Support] button will explain how you contact me to provide you help and assistance.

Right sidebar has all common things people might need: Archive, latest comments and twitter widget. On the bottom you can see short visits statistics.

Of course Leshcat’s Catalyst 12.4 WHQL UnifL is at your service.

Please note that Intel driver 2696 nor 2712 is not included due simple lack of time and absence of testing ground.
Still, 2559 is best Intel set so far for majority of models and i always recommend to install it instead of newest sets.

Main Changelog:
– Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( 04/05/2012, 8.961.0.0000 ).
– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).
– Updated optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).
– Includes DSE by Default.
– Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. ).

Minor Changelog:
– Refreshed look of UnifL package.
– Buttons placement reconsidered to more common allocation.
– Added support for Acer 7750G with AMD HD 7xxx series.
– Added support for HP Envy 17 – 3xxx series.
– Other Changes.

Download locations:


MD5: 0d5ab63c66e05344377fcb0cbccb23cd

I’d like to remind you that Support procedures changed. Please navigate to [Support] to learn how to submit new tickets.


Leshcat & Co.

For your consideration:

Acid 에이스 wrote:

“Leshcat, i hope u can put a note below that HP DV6 laptop with HD6770M/HD7690M XT GPU will get bad game performance because of sticky idle clock bug. If they insist of using this driver, they need to manually fix the clock to default value with MSI Afterburner unofficial overclocking or with Sapphire Trixx.”