Hello there,

Catalyst 12.x (8.960.0 February 28) UnifL is finally at your service!
Recommended for enthusiasts only!
This release contraints Great improvement on which i’d like to point your attention: YUC 2.0.0 – reliable and fast solution for cleaning your SG (and not only) drivers.
All new info about this really great tool you will find below.
 Main Changelog:
Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( 02/28/2012, ver. 8.960.0.0000 ). 
Includes Intel HD Graphics Driver ( ver. ) – [DXVA Disabled for most models]. 
Updated optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ). 
Includes DSE by Default. 
Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. 2.0.0 ). 
It have nothing in common with old YUC, except for name. 
1) GUI. Now you will see what exactly YUC is doing right now! 
2) Able to kill HWA-using processes – no need for aftercleaner!
3) YUC options, control your cleaning better!

All options avaliable from GUI are also avaliable from the commandline:
“-novideocheck” forces YUC to skip checking number of videocards. 
“-silent” – YUC does not generate any forms or messageboxes. Also, log won’t be sent to me (By default)
“-sendmessage” – overrides part of “-silent” behaviour – message with log will be sent automatically.
“-rescan” – enables rescan ( read meta-message carefully ). 
“-norestorepoint” – forces YUC not to create restore point.
These arguments can be issued in any order. 
For example, “YUC_Cleaner.exe -novideocheck -silent -rescan -norestorepoint -sendmessage” will work. 
I’d like to point your attention that “-rescan” option will save you from Double Reboot (It means that all cleaning with this option enabled will take 1 reboot since YUC launch.), yet, it can corrupt SOME of systems and you will not be able to install any video drivers.
Therefore, i advice you not to use this option on main system.

The only cure for it is Advanced Clean Install + “sfc /scannow” cmd command afterwards.

Minor Changelog:
– Minor config changes.
PLEASE NOTE, UnifL Team highly recommends to use YUC to remove previous SG drivers or in case of total disaster – Manual Cleaning Method wich is described in FAQ.

You can download 12.x Feb 28 UnifL from: mediafire (x64)
                                                                         4shared (x64)

If something goes terribly wrong, please Google it 1st to check you if someone shares same issues, if its more likely to be UnifL issue, please check out FAQ’s Chapter V.

I hope you ‘ll enjoy our work,

Leshcat & Co