Hi there guys/girls (you never know),

Catalyst 12.3 Pre-WHQL UnifL is at your service. 

Main Changelog:

– Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( Catalyst 12.3 Pre-WHQL, ver. 8.950.00.0000 ).
– Includes Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).
– Includes optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).
– Includes DSE by Default.
– Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. 1.5.10 ).

Minor Changelog:

– Various bugfixes.
– Samsung Chronos Series 7 should be more stable with UnifL.
– “ATI DXVA” issues should be resolved for Sony VAIO VPCSA2S9R and similar.
– Acer’s 3820TG “Black screen on wakeup” issue resolved on ATi card being active.

PLEASE NOTE, UnifL Team highly recommends to use YUC to remove previous SG/UnifL drivers.

You can download 12.3 Pre-WHQL UnifL from: mediafire (x64)
                                                                      4shared (x64).

Other links:
1. http://narod.ru/disk/41453783001/Catalyst%2012.3%20Pre-WHQL%20UnifL.exe.html
2. http://ifolder.ru/28850778
Reason – possibly outdated sets.

See you in darkness,



– YUC updated to 1.5.10. Now it recognizes previous SG drivers better.
– Rebuilt config to ensure better stability.
Redownload package ONLY if you experience problems with previous build.
And yes, i ‘ve cut 2622. Works badly on majority of models.

– 4shared got insane. Noone will accept this and so do i. Moving to mediafire.
 Please accept my apologies for your inconvinience.

– ATI driver version 8.96.0000
– YUC updated till 1.6.1. Better recognition and clean up.
– Minor config changes.
Redownload package ONLY if you experience problems with previous build.