Hey everyone,

After really Hard and very Exausting work, mass of tests and re-tests, squizzed out nerves of iron testers (Especially Alex) and YaD’s countless rewrites of YUC, UnifL Team is proud to present to you Catalyst 12.1 UnifL v2.7.

Whats new? Lots of changes and improvements are at your disposal:

Main Changelog:

Included ATi Graphic Driver ( Catalyst 12.1 WHQL, ver. 8.930.00.0000 ).
Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

Included optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).

Includes DSE by Default. 
Updated YaD’s UnifL Cleaner ( ver. 1.5.7 ).

  – Now it checks previous SG installation, as well as ATi card being in charge before Executing itself.
  – Second phase of cleaning after reboot.
  – Massive changes to ensure even Better and Safer cleaning.

Minor Changelog:

New Sony Vaio Z2 Separate configuration option:

– Samsung Chronos Series 7 should now be more stable with UnifL.
– “ATI DXVA” issues should be resolved for Sony VAIO VPCSA2S9R.
– Acer’s 3820TG “Black screen on wakeup” should be resolved while ATi card is in charge.
– “ATi APP SDK” installation problems are now resolved thx to YUC 1.4 update.
– Credits ([?]) Button Added. It will also store Revision version, Build Time and YUC version.


PLEASE NOTE, UnifL Team highly recommends to use YUC to remove previous SG drivers.

Also FAQ has been updated, so check it out.

You can download 12.1 UnifL v2.7 from: 4shared (x64).
MD5: 4a29f24c9e5ae1f680dde9c5f10b6e25

Happy upcoming Saint Valentine’s Day,

We hope you will be in right time and right place that special day.
UnifL Team.