Hi there,

Here and now, 11.11a UnifL is at your disposal. It was big and long work (as usual), but we made it, and  i  believe we made it good.
Beyond lots of changes, i d like to mention DSE fix: now it should work just fine on any machine, thanks to YaD efforts.
Here is Main Changelog for ya: 
Thisrelease contains AVIVO, Hydravision and OpenCL from 11.11 mobility.
Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( Catalyst 11.11 WHQL, ver. 8.911.1.0000). 
Included Intel HD Graphics ( ver. 
Includes optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).
Includes DSE by Default.

Minor Changelog:

– Massive stability fixes for all models.
– Resolved issues with DSE presence check scenario.
– DXVA issues on Intel cards has been resolved.
– Resolved brightness issues with dv6t/dv7t.
– Resolved brightness Issues with 3820TG.
– Resolved problems with Touchsmart tm2.
– HP envy 17 works correctly*.

MODERN dv6 & dv7 owners be advised:
1). With clean install you can find new feature in “Switchable graphics” – check if you wish to have or “Dynamic” or “Fixed” way of changing cards in CCC2. This was possible in BIOS only earlier. 

2).So, if you had “Fixed” option selected in BIOS, and after installing 11.11a UnifL its changed to “Dinamic”, simply go to this new option in CCC2 and select “Fixed” again.

*fn+fx buttons may not work correctly, however, Windows Power Management does change brightness properly.

Enjoy and have fun. If have any bug, please read FAQ and pre-comment message before writing me mail or posting comment respectively.

You can download it as usual from: 4shared (x64).


L & Co.