Hi there,

v2 of 11.10 UnifL set is available for download.

It has same Main Changelog, as 11.10 v1.

This set is intended to be a stability release.

Hopefully, it will resolve problems with:
– “no backlight” on ATI card
– stuck brightness on certain laptop models.  (Acer 3820TG and similar)
– also, it should fix DXVA problem on Intel card.

Since i could not find Acer 3820 or 3810 testers or better to say noone who experienced problems with v1 set contacted me and proposed their help in testing to finally fix this problems, this release can be called a “blindshot”.
What did you expect? You reap what you sow.

Yet, its still worth trying it out.

As for good news:

Finally, after long time , The Man, YaD, proposed his help to create global Manual or How-To on every important aspect of DSE, driver installation and Proper Cleaning!

And he did it, nice and clean. Make sure you read it, and read it carefully.
And dont forget to thanks YaD for his outstanding work.

Here are the links:

Online (eng)

Offline (eng) (Chrome)
You can also see it on the right side of main post window, below “Donate” button.

As to driver:
As always, Please, dont forget, that driver requires “DSE” presence in order to function properly.

You can download it from: 4shared (x64).

UP1. Fixed Broken Link.