Hi there,

The Day has come!

After long and precise testing, countless Beta tests and lost nerves, with some delay but only with care about your comfort, Me and my Team can proudly present to you our 1st step in unification – Catalyst 11.10 UnifL!

I was so in rush that this historical (for me at least) release comes without updated branding 🙂

It supports all notebooks with ATI+Mobile Intel HD Graphics on board, from older Intel 2000 gen till newest 3000 generation.

All components have been updated till latest version:

– Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( Catalyst 11.10 WHQL, ver. 8.902.0.0000).

– Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver.

– Includes optional ATi HDMI driver ( ver. ).
Since its UnifL (means Unified Leshcat :P) package customization has new look:
I’ve also included IntelMedia components which are usually used for New 3000 Generation Intel cards.
Old Gen should not check the box as will get at best an Error, at worst – BSOD.
Please note, that Brightness can be broken by “Energy” software, provided by your Manufacturer.
But i ‘ve already got reports that it works ok for example with “Acer ePower Manager”.
You cant have everything in single click, here and now, so be aware, this set still might contain bugs.
So if you spot one – don’t be shy to forward it to me with explanation how to reproduce it.
I can confirm personally that it works just fine with Battlefield 3. The only thing left is to Battlefield 3 to work properly :D.
As always, Please, dont forget, that it requires “DSE” presence in order to function properly.

You can download it from: 4shared (x64).

Have a nice weekend,
L & Co.

PS: I advice to perform clean install.